Karkinos Artificial Living Coral - Artificial Coral

Karkinos Artificial Living Coral

Our Karkinos Artificial Living Coral is an ideal Aquarium Decoration. This Replica Reef Coral is ideal for any aquarium.

All our artificial coral are made from a 100% safe resin and non-toxic paint. They can be used with tropical, marine or cold-water aquariums, with lots of other uses. They are also suitable for use with lizards, spiders, snakes and terrapins. Other uses include flower arranging.

This artificial coral has no front or back. It has multiple options simply by rotating or standing vertical / or turning to horizontal so multiple and individual displays can be achieved.

This artificial coral is hollow so it will displace a minimum amount of water, while still creating a stunning display. Our rocks and corals do not need any special treatment prior to being used. Just a simple wash in cold water will remove any residual dust, which may have occurred whilst in storage or transit.

Please Note: Due to the manufacturing process. There may be slight differences in the colour, size and shape of our Rocks & Corals.

Karkinos Artificial Living Coral - Artificial Coral

  • Product Code: NEP127
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 260.00 x 250.00 x 250.00 mm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £38.00

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